The Cusato's Pizzeria & Deli Story

The Cusato's Pizzeria & Deli Story

Learn about our family-owned pizzeria and deli in Schenectady, NY

Before our family recipes made their way to New York, they first made their way through Calabria, Italy and Messina, Sicily. After immigrating to New York, our family took it upon ourselves to share those recipes with the Schenectady, NY community.

Salvator Cassado opened the first Cusato's Pizzeria & Deli in 1980. He did so with one goal in mind—to bring families together over authentic Italian fare. Now with four locations in the state of New York, Cusato's Pizzeria & Deli continues to hold that goal close to heart.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our rich heritage. And don’t forget to stop by our deli for lunch!

3 ways we focus on bringing families together

Cusato's Pizzeria & Deli is dedicated to keeping families in Schenectady, NY and beyond happy and well-nourished. We want you to enjoy good food with your family, no matter which Cusato's location you visit.

We maintain a strong focus on families by:

  1. Serving family-style meals, just like you would at home.
  2. Featuring an expansive menu that has something everyone can enjoy.
  3. Speaking with our customers and using their feedback to make our restaurants better.

Contact us now to share your questions or comments with our staff. We look forward to seeing you at dinner!